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Vacant property, is vulnerable property...

With more buildings across the UK left vacant than ever before, void protection has never been more crucial. Shops, office spaces, performance venues, public houses, factories, warehouses or sites with development opportunities are all vulnerable when left empty for any prolonged period. If left unprotected or unmonitored, your asset can soon become a liability.

Void properties without proper security are invitations for all manner of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. From nuisance intruders like fly-tippers and vandals to the more serious such as squatters, thieves and arsonists. In addition to the financial impact and implications of repairs and remedial works, the stress such actions inflict on the owner and business disruption is significant too.

Furthermore, as the legal owner of your property, you are liable for any injuries sustained by intruders whilst on your premises, vacant or otherwise, even though they forced entry in the first place. All in all, it is just as important to protect void or vacant properties as it is an inhabited one. From innovative building management systems encompassing CCTV and intruder systems, to straight forward deterrents such as robust steel screening, below are some of the ways in which MFG can offer real world solutions to protect your assets.

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Property Inspections

This simple but proactive provision is a very cost-effective way of securing your premises, as routine inspections can help expose liabilities before they become an issue. Regularly checking for signs of damage, rubbish or attempted intrusions will preserve the integrity of your property. Furthermore, buildings standing empty deteriorate more rapidly than occupied premises, so as well as checking for security concerns, our inspectors will monitor for any signs of decay or essential maintenance, such as leaks or infestation. Inspections can be arranged on a schedule of your choosing and can also include utility meter readings. Following an inspection, full reports will be promptly submitted, and immediate steps taken to rectify any problems.

mesh panel fencing stood on tarmac with close up of concrete block

Perimeter Protection

Establishing a secure perimeter is often the first step to preventing unwarranted access. As well as having health and safety benefits, fencing is often enough to completely discourage nuisance and anti-social behaviour and disrupt more serious criminal activity. Appropriately placed signage along the fence line, advertising our security presence, will also act as a deterrent. We recognise the importance robust fencing can make so will always ensure it is installed to the highest possible standards, to eliminate any potential vulnerabilities. Perimeter protection can be either permanent or temporary depending on your requirements. Popular options include mesh panel fencing, construction site hoarding, motion detection and high security commercial and industrial site fencing.


vacant property protection metal mesh screens on red brick

Screening & Boarding

Whether by vandals or intruders attempting to gain internal access, the most common void property damage is broken windows. Steel screens covering the whole window and frame easily combat this threat. Capable of withstanding attack, the robust steel screens offer many benefits. They are an obvious visual deterrent, but can also be painted to be less obtrusive, useful in conservation areas. Perforations allow ventilation to help prevent mold or damp and also allow light into the building, ideal for trades working inside. Their zinc coating ensures they will not rust or deteriorate and the use of metal instead of wood means they are not fuel for arsonists. Screens are installed with a tamper-proof flush fit, unique fixings that can’t be undone with conventional screwdrivers and with little or no damage to existing frames or structures.

cctv engineer in black clothing screwing cctv device

CCTV & Intruder Response

Whether permanent or temporary, MFG will deliver an effective real-world system that meets your requirements, risk and budget. Utilising the most up to date CCTV technology, it is our aim to provide a robust electronic perimeter to detect and prevent any potential intruders, however big or small the premises. Unlike other services on the market our surveillance solutions are constantly watching and recording, in high definition, so nothing gets missed. This is backed up 24/7, by a dedicated and independent Remote Monitoring Centre and responded to as per your specifications. MFG also have exclusive access to industry leading security units designed specifically for vacant properties and remote sites. These bespoke products can even physically and audibly interact with the intruders. Your property has never been in safer hands.


man with drill cutting hole in metal security door

Steel Doors & Locks

One of the easiest ways to protect your property from squatters, thieves and vandals is to completely seal it up. However, that is not always a viable option if access is required for inspections or trades for example. This is where high-impact resistant doors and locks are required to ensure all access is from authorised personnel only. We can provide a range of high security steel doors and locks, depending on your risk and access requirements. Varying solutions include, anti-tamper flush fitting, three-point locking mechanisms, concealed hinges, keyed or key-less entry, magnetic locks and alarm triggering. We can also offer key holding services to help you manage access at any time of the day or night.

concrete barrier on tarmac


In addition to fencing, barriers and bollards offer efficient perimeter security and vehicle access management. Combined, they eliminate the possibility of unlawful occupiers or fly-tippers gaining access to your premises. They also defend from ram-raiders, protecting people and your property. Concrete barriers provide the best form of prevention. They are well suited to controlling access to car parks, forecourts, compounds, fields and are quick to install.


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MFG offer a range of security options and management services to protect your void or vacant property, remote sites and infrastructure from intruders, damage or decay. Contact us using the link below to discuss your options, we are always happy to help. Your protection is our priority.

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