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Access Control

Access Control

The right access control system delivers not only security, but flexibility and convenience. It is also a cost-efficient way of controlling access to your property and when that access is permitted. Keys can easily be lost, which presents an immediate security risk which can be costly to rectify, as well as the cost each time someone new requires a key. In areas of buildings with high traffic of people, often doors with traditional locks will be left unlocked all day, leaving your property and possessions open to opportunistic theft and damage. Access control only allows those with the correct pin, key-fob or card to enter and will automatically lock when the door is closed. Pins can easily be changed, or key-fobs easily barred if they are ever lost, negating the need for costly changing of locks and keys. Access rights can also be customised per user in different parts of the building as well as the time of day or night access is permitted.

finger on fingerprint scanner access system
  • Flexible & Convenient

  • Cost-Effective

  • Customisable Security

MFG are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services in all aspects of security.

From delivery of security in areas open to the public to hard protection from intrusion on private property. MFG will work hard on your behalf to find the right solution for you. Every person has the right to feel safe. Every home, working environment or asset should be protected. This is all completed with attention to the financial impact upon the business or person in receipt of our services. Value for money and return on investment must be a primary consideration within any security application.

Alarm & Video Monitoring
young man in white shirt and black tie on telephone inside alarm receiving centre
  • Constant Vigilance: 24 Hour Operation, 365 Days a Year

  • Agreed Incident Escalation & Response

  • Fully GDPR Compliant

Alarm & Video Monitoring

MFG utilises a independent Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) to manage and receive alarm signals and monitor CCTV operations. It is built to the highest industry standards and all operators are SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved and fully compliant to GDPR. The RMC utilises two systems, IMMIX manages the CCTV operation and Microkey manages the alarm response signals. All response and escalation processes are fully managed and directed as per the client’s requirements. The RMC is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides around the clock vigilance for all our customers.

Comprehensive Management of:

Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV Monitoring & Engagement, Access Control, Lone Worker Protection, Facilities & Infrastructure Monitoring, Hazard Prevention, Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking & Recovery

Asset Tracking & Recovery

MFG offers tracking services for all high value products. We will design and integrate resilient and reliable tracking equipment into any product you wish to protect, track or recover. Our tracking systems use GPS, GSM and RFID technology. Our tracking systems are directly monitored by an independent Remote Monitoring Centre and fully equipped vehicles with tracking teams are deployable immediately, 24 hours a day, to recover your stolen asset. To date MFG boasts a 100% recovery rate.

hand holding phone showing GPS blue and white location pin infront of city at night
  • GPS, GSM & RFID Technology

  • Discreet Integration in any Product

  • Dedicated Tracking Teams & Vehicles

CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

CCTV is the cornerstone of modern security and is often the first line of defence for any home or business. It is our primary function to deliver an effective real-world system that meets your requirements, risk and budget. Utilising the most up to date CCTV technology, it is our aim to provide a robust electronic perimeter to detect and prevent any potential intruders, however big or small the premises. Furthermore, we can create a solution to enhance your living style or business operation by integrating access and building management systems, automatic number plate recognition, thermal detection, mobile monitoring access and facial recognition. We always use industry leading equipment suppliers such as that of Hikvision and all our contractors install as per BS-7958:2009 standards. It is our goal to be the last supplier you will ever need.

man with screwdriver installing cctv camera on white suspended ceiling
  • First Line of Defence

  • Tailored to Requirements, Risk & Budget

  • Industry Leading Suppliers

Covert Security & Loss Prevention

Covert Security

& Loss Prevention

Within the retail industry there is a requirement for a covert approach to reducing loss within your business. Specifically targeting internal losses and external prolific offenders, both of which impact not just financially but also severely impact morale within your outlets, resulting in high turnover of staff. Our covert operators manage and target prolific offenders by interdiction in the form of: identification of offender, case management, method of operation, stop and detain, through to civil action and close partnerships with local police authorities.

under cover man in silver car with camera wearing black hat and hoody
  • Specialised Covert Security

  • Captures Internal & External Theft

  • Highly Effective Solution

Gates, Barriers & Shutters

Gates, Barriers & Shutters

From design, concept and supply MFG can provide anything from simple manual barriers to large commercial gates or even a bespoke solution. Our bespoke barriers are designed and built in the UK and meet all health and safety requirements and are fully compliant with British and European standards.


Our products include: discreet rising bollards and blockers, automated and manual shutters, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and fencing and tracked sliding gates. All civils are completed and guaranteed by the service provider.

women in car opening house gate with key fob
  • Automatic & Manual Options Available

  • Permanent & Temporary Solutions

  • Integrated with CCTV & Access Controls

Key Holding & Response

Key Holding & Response

MFG always strive to provide an end to end service to ensure quality and peace of mind during the hours of darkness. All alarm response services and our framework are compliant with BS7984-1:2016 and SIA (Security Industry Authority) Approved Contractors Scheme and are fully managed by our designated 24/7 Remote Monitoring Centre. MFG offer full service management in regards to call outs as well as accompanied key holding services depending on your company policy.

male security guard wearing black shining torch at night
  • End to End Service

  • Complete Peace of Mind

  • Eliminates Unnecessary Risk to Employees

Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

Modern lifestyles and technology present the world with more and more opportunities to work from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, often on your own and without the protection of colleagues. Lone workers could be at risk of attack, abuse or perhaps a medical emergency. A simple but effective solution such as an SOS button could be all you need to prevent such a tragedy. There are multiple options on the market, for example: key fobs, lanyards, watches, smart buttons, mobile and web apps. Fall detection is also available. MFG will always provide a unique solution that meets your requirements, risk and budget. SOS calls may go through to a colleague, family member or fully backed up by an independent Remote Monitoring Centre for complete protection and response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

female wearing safety gear in warehouse using phone
  • Tailored Solutions to Requirement, Risk & Budget

  • Protects Employees in your Duty of Care

  • Multiple Options & Fall Detection Available

Project Management
Remote Security

Project Management

We cover all aspects of security project management, from installations for SME to complex corporate infrastructure upgrades. MFG can also provide security solutions for your domestic dwelling, as part of a new build, retrofit or fresh installation. As professionals we have the knowledge to find the right solution and have access to the right products and people to make it happen. Our experience keeps programmes on track and in the right order, avoiding the costs and aggravation that can be triggered by remedial works or missed deadlines. Our role as project manager is to act as a single point of contact for all your security requirements. This reduces stress and enables you to be involved and informed about the development of your build, without investing your own time directing daily operations.

  • Real World Security Approach

  • Wealth of advice and resources across a spectrum of services.

  • An MFG project manager reduces stress, workload and delivers quality results on time and on budget.

Remote Security

Remote locations present unique challenges for security, as they are often vast areas left unsupervised for long periods of time. In the agricultural industry for example, guarding and patrolling is often too costly and worse still, such locations might have limited or no access to electricity, that would power traditional security devices and deterrents such as CCTV. MFG have just the product and service at their disposable to meet all these needs. Specialised mobile CCTV units that can be installed at a moments notice, kitted with comprehensive power back ups and cameras that can detect intruders over a kilometre away. Better yet, unlike similar products on the market, these units are always watching and recording, have customisable equipment options and can audibly interact with the intruders. All monitored by a dedicated and independent Remote Monitoring Centre and responded to as per the client’s specifications.

remote security trailer with shipping containers in background with blue sky
  • Specialised Mobile CCTV Units

  • Intruder Interaction

  • Comprehensive Power Back Up

Security Guards

Security Guards

MFG only supply security guarding at a corporate level. We use only SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved contractors and suppliers in our solutions. We are also realistic to offer the client the option of a financial ‘tap on tap off’ approach, thereby giving the client control of their security expenditure. The services provided are always designed around you the client.

security guards standing on pebble beach with cloudy sky and pier
  • Corporate Level Only

  • Control Over Approach and Expenditure

  • SIA Approved Contractors

Site Security

Site Security

Construction sites are often positioned in vulnerable areas with expensive equipment and materials left overnight. These sites are prime targets for theft, anti-social behaviour and vandalism. They require bespoke security solutions to protect the site outside working hours, without hindering staff on site during working hours, where space is at a premium and the layout often changes. MFG can supply these unique solutions using our network of professional site security providers, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security guard.

man installing CCTV on building site scaffold
  • Bespoke Site Security

  • Compact Without Compromise

  • Extremely Cost-Effective

Town Centre Wardens

Town Centre Wardens

MFG are a leading supplier of warden services in the south of England with additional local authorities and BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) being added all the time. The warden services are complimented, where applicable, with CSAS (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme) powers to enhance service delivery. All warden resources are targeted and managed through digital platforms which allows the retailer direct involvement in the deployment and task specific duties. This then becomes an effective tool against the fight against crime on the high street and supplements the local police engagement and supports town centre management services.

male business warden security guards in hi-vis vests patrolling high street
  • South's Leading Warden Services Supplier

  • Complimented by CSAS

  • Direct Retailer Involvement via Digital Platform

Void Property Protection

Void Property Protection

With more buildings across the UK left vacant than ever before, void protection has never been more crucial. Vacant properties without proper security are invitations for all manner of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. From nuisance intruders like fly-tippers and vandals to the more serious such as squatters, thieves and arsonists. Furthermore, buildings standing empty deteriorate more rapidly than occupied premises, so as well as combating security concerns, buildings should be monitored for signs of decay or essential maintenance, such as leaks or infestation. MFG can offer real world solutions to protect your assets, ranging from innovative building management systems encompassing CCTV and intruder systems, to straight forward deterrents such as robust steel screening.

female property inspector in hard hat and hi-vis with tablet
  • Vacant Property is Vulnerable Property

  • Regular property inspections prevent decay.

  • Combats Crime: Fly-Tippers, Vandals, Squatters, Thieves & Arsonists

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