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Our extensive experience working within the security sector, means we can provide you with a wealth of advice and resources, across a spectrum of services. Our established and robust knowledge of the industry gives MFG a real-world approach as a security consultancy or project management provider.

We provide complete peace of mind, that's the MFG guarantee.

As professionals we have the knowledge to find the right solution and have access to the right products and people to make it happen. Our experience keeps programmes on track and in the right order, avoiding the costs and aggravation that can be triggered by remedial works or missed deadlines. Our role as project manager is to act as a single point of contact for all your security requirements. This reduces stress and enables you to be involved and informed about the development of your build, without investing your own time directing daily operations.

​MFG will work hard on your behalf to find the right solution for you. Every person has the right to feel safe. Every home, working environment or asset should be protected. This is all completed with attention to the financial impact upon the business or person in receipt of our services. Value for money and return on investment must be a primary consideration within any security application.

From concept to completion, you can leave the fuss to us.

We cover all aspects of security project management, from installations for SME to complex corporate infrastructure upgrades. MFG can also provide security solutions for your domestic dwelling, as part of a new build, retrofit or fresh installation. There is no other company better equipped to manage your security project.


This is where we take the reins and you can take comfort knowing your security is in our hands. From the brief we create a framework that details how we make the concept reality. Prior preparation and planning is the key to success for any project and not to be underestimated. A solution and schedule is produced that we ensure takes into consideration all the predetermined key influences and security requirements from the concept stage. These include: budget, objectives, quality, time scale, resources and stakeholder expectations.

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We know there is never a ‘one size fits all’ security solution and understand no two homes or businesses are the same. MFG ensure to take the time to understand your diverse needs, so we can offer the best possible products and services to suit. We take pride in our honest and tailored approach, providing a service that assists you by defining your needs and establishing your options. Trust is a key factor between any client and project manager or advisor.


model carboard boxes on laptop procurement


In this step we schedule meetings and coordinate deliveries on your behalf, as we source the people and products needed for your project. MFG’s biggest strength, after our work ethic and extensive knowledge of the industry, is its network of reliable and experienced contractors and suppliers. Every job managed or completed by MFG is undertaken by trades people with proven track records, in all corners of the country. We make certain you will only ever be supplied with the right people and equipment for the job. We do this by connecting you with only the most prestigious businesses, trusted tradespeople and quality equipment. All checked, tested and vetted by us.


Commissioning any project needs careful management to stay on brief, on programme and on budget. As your project manager we are present to ensure this happens. Our attention to detail will guarantee high standard of works are met and function as per your requirements. Our extensive experience in the industry means we can quickly remedy problems as they occur and steer the project back on schedule and within budget. Progress reports will be communicated to maintain client satisfaction and manage stakeholder expectations.

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Before handing over we make certain any remedial works are completed and all trades are held to account as per industry standards. MFG have quickly gained a reputation for successfully delivering projects on time and on budget whilst never compromising on quality.


Because we are proud to put our name to our work and passionate about the industry we’re in, this is where we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Review meetings and site visits are made to make certain all systems are functioning as expected and as per the initial agreement.

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MFG provide security solutions and total project management for all types of buildings such as warehouses, office spaces, retail spaces, car plots and domestic dwellings.

Securing your premises is not just about CCTV. MFG have a multitude of products and services at our disposal to ensure the security of your assets and the safety of family members or staff. Below is just one example of how MFG would approach a security consultation for an SME fitting out a new shop. This demonstrates the options available which are then tailored to the client’s requirements, time scale and budget.

Outside Shop Example.png


Facial Recognition

Keyless Entry

RF Tags

Roller Shutter

Tamper Sensors

Anti-Ram Barrier

Inside Shop Example.png


Temperature Alarm

Fog Barrier

RF Tags

Layout Optimisation

High Value Asset Tracking

Panic Alarm

MFG are always on hand to deliver complete reassurance and superior results.

For a security consultation, or to have your project managed from concept to completion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are your connection to the best in the business.

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